As a licensed firearms dealer, Hurricane Butterfly maintains excellent relations with many of the major U.S. firearm distributors and manufacturers. Recent export transactions have included the export of 10 pistols for commercial resale, and the export of 40,000 rifles in a single transaction, to a single buyer.

A basic export permit application packet will include the following documents:

  • Purchase Order, documenting the desired items;
  • A properly completed DSP-83, End User Certificate; and
  • A Government issued import permit for the destination country.

Some countries do not require an import permit. Please contact us to address issues that may arise with your specific transaction.

A DSP-5 export permit is valid for 4 years, or the expiration of the import permit, whichever is comes first. In the interest of efficiency, Hurricane Butterfly recommends an initial small order to determine whether the U.S. State Department will have any issues with the desired commodities. If no issues arise, Hurricane Butterfly recommends the placement of a large order, to be fulfilled throughout the life of the license. In this manner, the required documents needed for the export permit are prepared once. Once approved, the firearms can typically be shipped abroad in short order pursuant to the previously approved export permit.

Why should foreign clients consider letting Hurricane Butterfly conduct exports on their behalf?

  • Hurricane Butterfly has the requisite experience to perform an export properly, the first time.
  • Hurricane Butterfly maintains excellent working relationships with many firearm manufacturers and distributors within the United States – we can source nearly any firearm or defense article desired.
  • Hurricane Butterfly will negotiate the best possible price for defense articles on behalf of foreign clients with a pre-established and known commission rate for the export transaction. There are no hidden charges.
  • In the case of individual collectors, Hurricane Butterfly allows clients to temporarily store firearms within our vault for consolidation, thereby reducing the cost of export on a per gun basis.