Hurricane Butterfly is committed to building relationships within the firearms community. As an exporter, Hurricane Butterfly maintains relationships with firearm dealers around the world.

If we can assist in increasing your sales via the export of your products, we would be happy to assist. Please give us a call to determine how we may be able to help.

Why should domestic manufacturers consider letting Hurricane Butterfly conduct exports on their behalf?

  • The sale of defense articles can be expanded beyond the domestic US market. Given the current state of the economy and the value of the U.S. Dollar, legitimate sales to Canada, Europe, and Asia present an unparalleled business opportunity.
  • No cost to the US client – the foreign end user pays for our services via a transparent fee, or an increase in the product price. We're reasonable and flexible in assessing our fees.
  • Regulatory requirements change frequently. Hurricane Butterfly conducts exports on a daily basis; we are current on all US regulatory requirements governing the export of defense articles.
  • All civil and criminal liability for an improper export lies with Hurricane Butterfly.
  • All financial liability for increased ITAR registration and renewal fees lies with Hurricane Butterfly.
  • All document retention requirements following the export transaction lies with Hurricane Butterfly.
  • Experience has allowed Hurricane Butterfly to build working relationships with many of the DDTC licensing officers, providing Hurricane Butterfly with an unparalleled two-way dialogue with the licensing officers when submitting an unusual or difficult export application.