Hurricane Butterfly is a U.S. licensed firearm dealer and firearms manufacturer. As a licensed firearm dealer, Hurricane Butterfly offers two options when seeking to export firearms from the United States. The first option allows the end user to negotiate the best possible deal, whether via private sale, or an Internet auction site. Upon purchase, the firearm may be sent to Hurricane Butterfly, where it will be placed in secured storage until ready for export. If you wish to export multiple firearms in one transaction, Hurricane Butterfly would be happy to store your firearms at no charge for a period of six months. As a licensed firearm dealer, you may decide to order directly from us for one-stop shopping. This option provides convenience to you, the foreign buyer, as a single fee is paid for the firearms and export documentation. As a licensed firearms dealer, Hurricane Butterfly maintains excellent relations with many of the major U.S. firearm distributors and manufacturers.

To initiate an export, please contact us and determine whether your desired firearm, rifle scope, or other electronic item may be exported. In some cases, specific rifle scopes cannot be exported to individuals.

A basic export permit application packet will include the following documents:

  • Purchase Order or Invoice, documenting the value of the item;
  • A properly completed DSP-83, End User Certificate; and
  • A Government issued import permit for the destination country.

Some countries do not require an import permit. Please contact us to address issues that may arise with your specific transaction.

In the event that the firearm is being delivered to a dealer prior to the ultimate end user, please contact us for additional instructions.

Canadian and Australian collectors: Due to our extensive work with Canadian and Australian firearm dealers, we are typically able to negotiate the inclusion of your firearm, optic, or accessory with an existing export transaction. Typically, this results in a reduced export fee. If you are interested in this option, please contact us for additional details.